Our brewery consists of three boilers of 2000 liters. A brewing cycle lasts 3 weeks.
During this process our home brewer keeps a close eye on everything.


You will find our house brewery in the Abbeycafé. Better is almost impossible:

The beer is brewed as you are tasting it. The beer brewed here is called Momentum and not to be confused with the Averbode beer on sale in the store.

The Momentum brand is an exclusive abbey beer with an alcohol content of 5.7%. The ‘standard’ Averbode beer has an alcohol content of 7.5% and can be drunk in three different ways in the Abbey Café: as a draft beer, from a bottle with crown cap (. 33 cl) and from a bottle with cork (75 cl.) . Each has its own distinctive flavour. Taste, experience and enjoy the Averbode moment…

Cheese-maturing Plant

In the cheese-maturing Plant the Momentum cheese used to occur:

An exclusive product that used to be matured within the walls of Averbode Abbey. This cheese can only be sampled and bought in Het Moment.

The maturation process of the Momentum lasts four weeks before the cheese bread and three weeks before the little round cheese are ready. The cheeses are washed three times per week and rotated.

The specific to the bread are the long commutes, which provide a distinct flavor and fresh shelf life.


In our bakery we’re baking bread every day according to the Averbode recipe:

This bread was named Momentum: the taste of bread often depends on the circumstances in which it is baked. It can only be sampled and bought in Het Moment.

Opening Hours

Abbey Shop

Tuesday - Sunday10:00 — 18:00

Abbey Café

Tuesday - Sunday11:00 — 18:00

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