They Abbey did not only launch the basket of Averbode products, but created a welcoming experience center on it’s domain where crafts are practiced again. So old service buildings were given a new purpose: now they are the home to an abbeycafé with a brewery, a cheese factory, a bakery and an abbey shop. Several information carriers introduce you to the abbey life, a publishing and living tradition in agriculture and food.
The result is a beautiful tourist and educational experience center at the Western Gate of the abbey. The Moment will be the new “calling” of Averbode as the gateway to the wide area of the Merode, not only to strengthen and broaden. At the same time the abbey will be as a haven place of silence, reflection, prayer and reflection rescued.


Abbey Shop

Tuesday - Sunday10:00 — 18:00

Abbey Café

Tuesday - Sunday11:00 — 18:00

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