The Abbey

Since its foundation in 1134 Averbode Abbey – situated on the border of the Kempen and Hageland – is a crossroads of different worlds. For centuries, it has linked spiritual life with a commitment to society as a whole. Even today, for many the abbey is a place of silence and reflection. True to the values of authenticity and harmony, the abbey community has a long tradition of the sustainable production of food and drink. Indeed, for centuries Averbode Abbey has housed a bakery, cheese-maturing plant and a brewery. Even today it contributes to responsible agriculture with its dairy farm.

The Abbey community has decided to continue its age-old economic activities in a manner that is both new and contemporary with quality products: bread, gingerbread, cheese and beer. The proceeds will be spent on charitable projects, educational publications of a social value and heritage projects at Averbode.

Would you like to visit the abbey? You are more than welcome! During the day you are free to visit the abbey courtyard and the abbey church. Every Sunday afternoon between Easter and All Saints there is a tour of the abbey for individual visitors at 3 pm.

Groups can also request an abbey visit at other times of the week. Group visits are allowed, depending on what is possible for the community at that time. Would you like to find out more about group visits, group reflection and our open days? Go to this site!