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In our experience centre visitors can sample all the Averbode products.

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Abbey Café

Full enjoyment of the good life.
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Abbey Shop

Of course our Averbode products are also available in our Abbey Shop: beer, cheese, bread and gingerbread. However, there is so much more, ranging from books to delicious regional produce. Why not pay us a visit and see our tempting array of products for yourself.
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For centuries Averbode Abbey has had a bakery, a cheese-maturing plant and a brewery. Today you can sample these age-old crafts once again in Het Moment.

Surrounding area

Experience the richness of the Merode area and Hageland.


Book your fascinating trip to a unique historical site.
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The proprietor of The Moment creates social opportunities.

Our products

The Abbey community has decided to pursue its century-old economic activities in a new and contemporary manner with quality products: bread, gingerbread, cheese and beer

Our products


When Averbode Abbey decided to include gingerbread in its range, it soon considered working with Vondelmolen. For years the...



For the production of Averbode Abbey cheese the abbey collaborates with Milcobel, the Belgian dairy cooperative with about 3,000...



Averbode Abbey beer is a tribute to history: from the 14th to the early 20th century the abbey was...



To make Averbode Abbey bread, the abbey community teamed up with the La Lorraine Bakery Group. Like the abbey,...


Book your fascinating trip to a unique historical site.

Enjoy Het Moment

The Moment

Within a few months, we will be offering a range of guided tours of The Moment with information about baking bread, cheese making, brewing,...

The Abbey

Since its foundation in 1134 Averbode Abbey – situated on the border of the Kempen and Hageland – is a crossroads of different worlds....

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